Sketchpad online | Drawing editor application for free

Sketchpad is a web-based Drawing editor application. You can draw it for free. make a digital artwork to share online and export to popular image formats JPEG, PNG, SVG, and PDF.

What is a sketchpad?

Sketchpad is an online sketching canvas that you can use to create digitally drawn, designs, Drawings, and Paintings and then save them and share them online. The web-based tool is basically painting tools that paint on the online application with natural brushes, color, layer, erasure, and so on.

We are living in an era of technology. As a result of this, we practice technology in every second of life. So why is drawing left out from technology-based work?

To increase the creativity on drawing as well as the painting sector, the sketchpad comes out with the best solution as we say. It is a creative platform for sketching, drawing, graphics working, and many more.

How to use Sketchpad

Sketchpad is a free online canvas for everyone that anyone can use and enjoy the advantage. So the user does their work readily with the browser by searching the website inside or downloading any other sketch app. The programs are organized with many tools and options, for example –

To get sketchpad drawing support, at first you need an internet connection. As It is a browser-based online service so users get support by using android, iOS, and tablets. Anyone can use a sketchpad with Mac. Essential equipment to use sketchpad online are –

  • Browsing devices, for example – mobile and computer, tablet.
  • Internet connection
  • A browser such as Google chrome, firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc
  • Open the browser and start drawing, painting, or graphic art.
  • First, choose the canvas by clicking on the plus (+) sign.
  • Use the tools according to demons.
  • Don’t forget to save or store under necessary files.

There is the user guide button which allows users to access the different tutorials and additional information on how to use tools.

Features of sketchpad

Sketchpad is an Incredible set of tools that is befitting for drawing and designing. It is organized with a lot of stuff and features. The main features that the sketchpad offers are –

New page ( plus sign )

When users want to create a new then they would start with a plus sign. It says new and goes in a blank document and there are other types of paper like a color, grid, lined, blueprint, notebook transparent, and so on.

Corp and Resize

The page can be customized with Width and Height according to the user’s choice. There are various sizes under every section like Device ( size of screen, size of viewpoint), social media (Facebook, Instagram), digital ads (rectangle, medium rectangle), digital screens ( 640× 768, 1280×800, 1920×1200), paper (index card, postcard, photo, letter, tabloid, poster) and Apparel ( T-shirt men’s, T-shirt women’s) and others.

Brush or Pen

Next, to crop and resize options, The Brush or Pen of sketchpad offers a bunch of different types of brushes and users draws around with them. The brush is like tile brush, mirror brush, calligraphy, paintbrush, streamer, arrow, line, pen and pencil, and many more. Users can draw outlines and make blur by using these features.


By using this tool users can illustrate different shapes such as Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Star, Burst, Circle, Spiral, Heart, etc. The tools also contain blend modes like darken, multiply, screen, soft light, hard light, luminosity, and so on. There also have fill and outline options.


Sketchpad offers a tool named clipart. With this feature, users choose graphic pictures even if they use their images. Besides these options, there is color FX ( tint, temperature, contrast, brightness, exposure, etc ).


The eraser is an inseparable part of a drawing. Sketchpad retentions this feature to remove users’ mistakes. If the users are beginners, the eraser is a very important tool for them.

Pixel or Vector fill

Without a set of blend modes, it helps the user to select the tool of color, linear, radial, and pattern. By using this, users can change colors and fill up colors to 100%.

Export Options

The export option allow the users to export their design by choosing the format whether JPEG, PDF, PNG, and sketchpad, etc.


Next up the sketchpad offers a setting tool and this is where users can go ahead and store files in Google Drive and automatically. In the setting, there are more than 14 languages to understand and help the users as well.

Except for the above features, the sketchpad is organized by Zoom options so the user can see the full size with the zoom-in respectively zoom-out tool. Moreover, there are undo and redo options with history points.

Plans and pricing of Sketchpad 

Though it is a free online browsing application for drawing and painting, it takes a little amount of money from premium users. Sketchpad charges $4.95 for a one-time fee that is available on PC and MAC. A small amount of money can keep a big role to continue the development of the sketchpad.

The pricing method of the sketchpad is very simple. Using the purchase option or link, anyone can go to the pricing menu directly. You can purchase the premium plan for 4.95 USD and enjoy the application from anywhere at any anytime. You can buy the app with – 

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Pay with Amazon
  • Wire transfer

Pros and cons of Sketchpad

The user-friendly online application, sketchpad has numerous benefits and facilities. Besides all advantages, the user also finds a few drawbacks. All advantages and disadvantages are presented below – 


  • Accessible for all aged groups of people
  • Available for free of cost as well
  • This digital canvas can be used on any device
  • The interface is so easy and simple
  • Can not occupy devices’ spaces
  • It is too old so it is a reliable application in a sense.
  • Mass selection of copyright-free vector files.


  • It is not helpful for professionals
  • Features are so limited for advanced users
  • More public documents are needed in detail.
  • Can not erase all features together.

In general, it is a digital platform where you can be familiar with the basic features of a sketchpad and go ahead and create your creations using this online drawing tool. The online sketchpad has taken this activity of drawing and painting very far.

FAQs of Sketchpad

What can I do with the sketchpad?

By using this tool you can do artwork and drawing. Even you can use it to make graphics, infographics, and serious illustrating works.

Who can use a sketchpad?

Sketchpad can use by anyone. It is for teachers, students, professionals, and even beginners.

Is the sketchpad costly?

No, it is free for all users. But if you want to use premium, the one-time fee is $ 4.95.

Why should I use a sketchpad?

It is free to use online with any browser so that it does not occupy any space on your device.

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