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Pixlr X  is a Free online Photo editor & Template designer! Pixlr X Photo Editor lets you easily edit photos with online photo editing.

What is Pixlr x

Pixlr x is a Photo editor & Template designer product of Pixlr. Do you find something simple and easy in terms of photo editing? Pixlr x is the first and foremost opinion. Pixlr x – The befitting amazing featured online photo editing and decorating tool.

There is no hassle of registration and installation, Pixlr is such a wonderful next-generation image editor. It is free to edit and design the photo in your browser, on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone as well. You can use Pixlr x for personal and professional photo editing and it is the best choice for graphics and poster design, cards, and other photo editing projects.

How to use Pixlr x

Pixlr x is a free package for everyone that anyone can use and enjoy the advantage. So the user does their work readily with the browser by searching the website inside of downloading the app. The programs are organized with many tools and options, for example –

To get Pixlr x photo editing support, at first you need an internet connection. As It is a browser-based online service so users get support by using android, iOS, and tablets. Essential equipment to use Pixlr x are –

  • Browsing devices, for example –  mobile and computer.
  • Internet connection 
  • A browser such as Google chrome, firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc
  • Open the browser and upload photos to start editing with various features of Pixlr x.

Without basic features like crop, rotate, resize, adjustment, and color contrast, Pixlr x offers layout and templates which satisfied all class users. Pixlr x offers layers as it is a plus point that you don’t even get from paid apps. Remember that if you browse with Mac, you need permission for the first time.

Key features of Pixlr x

Pixlr X Powered photo editor comes with a lot of features and more than 10 million designs where the users can create a new version of their photos within a very short time. This photo editor arranges a different variety of moods, colors, and temples so the user can easily change their photos according to their choice. The main features that Pixlr x offers are – 

Transformation Tools (Arrange and style): By using the Pixlr x transform tool, the users can utilize pictures in several ways. A transforming tool is used to adjust and resize the image. Apart from that, it helps to rotate, warp, flip, and even change the aspect of the images.

Text Tool: The user can easily add text, captions, and quotes to the photos within seconds with Pixlr x.

Animation tool: You can create animations with images using animation tools. So many styles like soothe, tumble, action, parallax, and neon can be used for making an animated photo.

Layout and Templates: Photo Templates are popular features of Pixlr x that allow the users to take multiple photos and replace the photos with one classic, custom-made template. Users choose different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Yet Pixlr x provides a layout that resizes photos with width and height.

Integration of social media: Pixlr x  helps users to share edited photos over various platforms. If the users want, they spontaneously share their photos directly on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

Business card Template: The business card template is a very unique feature in Pixlr x. To impress potential users with making a professional card, Pixlr x launched a business card temple. This tool makes professional work earlier.

Except for the above features, Pixlr x offers basic to extensive tools with sets of overlay, icons, mood and revision controllers, undo sections, and bunches of effortless options.

How to Photos Edit on Pixlr x?

If you are a Pixlr x new user, here is how to edit photos in Pixlr x editor. Using Pixlr x editor you can easily and quickly edit photos according to your needs. Here I will crop an image so please follow the steps below carefully.

  1. First, connect your laptop or computer to the internet
  2. Now go to the Pixel x editor from your laptop or computer with any blouse. When you go to pixel x editor you will see an interface similar to the image below. Then click on “open picture” and take the image of your model. You can also create a project from “create new”open image on pixlr x editor
  3. Now select the Crop tool on the left side of the editor and select up to the part of the model you want to keep. Then click the use buttoncrop image on pixlr x editor
  4. Hope you were able to crop the image. Besides, you can edit the photo as per your need. Now you can save the image in jpg, png, Webp, etc format by clicking “save on computer” below.save image on pixler x

This is the best for you to edit photos for free so feel free to edit photos

Pixlr X pros and cons

It is a wonderful image editor with so many promoted features. Though it is an online photo editor so it doesn’t occupy any space on the user’s desktop or mobile device. The instant photo editing tool is absolutely free for Android, iOS, and desktop. it is too favorable to add reconciliation and improvement of a photo, whether it is professional or personal.Along with the benefits, it has some significant drawbacks. The absence of several professional editing functions is another main disadvantage of the software.
Makes photos Eye-catching on the business platform or social media which gives users a head start over the competition.it does not have extra options so the outcome is similar to other photo editors. It is a little bit expensive if the premium is used.
By using it,  users effortlessly change image colors with brightness and contrast to dark and raw photos, which gives the image a clean and fresh look. Some of its tools are also set with an unreal beauty feature that edits images to the extent that they look unreal and create false values. It spoils natural beauty by using the auto effect.
It allows users to even change the environment as well as the background if it is not as intended. The images that you edit by it are also free for commercial use. For beginners as well as freelance artists and small businesses, this is a perfect tool.it does not support a few file formats and once added features, sometimes doesn’t open raw files.

FAQs of Pixlr x

What type of application is Pixlr x?

Pixlr x is a free and easy online photo editor. No need to create an account, just browse and start editing.

Is Pixlr x easy to use?

Using Pixlr x is as easy for beginners to use without any trouble and don’t. The interface is simple and user-friendly.

How to edit a photo with Pixlr x?

First, you visit Pixlr X, then open a tab with the right link. It is simple that you drag and drop your image on its interface and then start editing according to users’ demands.

Is it helpful for graphic design?

The functionality you can do simple daily graphic tasks by Pixlr x. Sometimes you can complete a graphic design with your idea and post it quickly.

Why is Pixlr x popular?

The platform is user-friendly even available on desktop, PC, and mobile. By using Pixlr x, your stock photo, filters, and edit image with graphic elements.

Final Work

Pixlr x is an exclusive photo editor that helps users to diversify their photos. The editing tools are as easy as beginners use the features without any difficulty with a simple interface. Pixlr x is completely web-based so anyone uses it wherever and whenever.

The online tool might not be as robust as a professional photo editor but still an excellent place to make some quick edits on the go.

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