Summary of the use of online Photoshop tools

photoshop tools

Now we will learn how to use the online Photoshop toolbar, A quick summary of online Photoshop tools. An overview of what the tool is used for.  Use online photoshop

Move and selection tools in online photoshop

Photoshop Move Tool

Move Tool  ( V )

The move tool is a very important tool in Photoshop applications. It’s at the top right of Photoshop. You can move anything else using the Move tool. You can very easily click and drag anywhere in the image. If you select an area, the selection will be moved or the whole thing of the layer will be moved.

photoshop Artboard tool

Artboard Tool  ( V )

Artboard is another important tool that exists in Photoshop. You can very shortly convert a document into an Artboard document and you only need a Standard Photoshop document. You can share one or more Layer groups or Layer in the document. To find the Layer you have to right-click on the selection and choose Artboard from Layers or Artboard from the group. You have to click on the icon to select the Artboard tool.

photoshop-Rectangular Marquee tool

Rectangular Select Tool  (M)
The Rectangular Select tool is also located at the top right of Photoshop or you can also use the key shortcut M to find the Rectangular Marquee tool. This tool is used to click and drag from one corner where you want to select the opposite corner and then release your mouse button.

photoshop-Lasso selection -tool

Rectangular Select Tool  (L)
The Rectangular Select tool is also located at the top right of Photoshop or you can also use the key shortcut M to find the Rectangular Marquee tool. This tool is used to click and drag from one corner where you want to select the opposite corner and then release your mouse button.

photoshop Polygonal Lasso tool

Polygonal Lasso Tool (L)
The polygonal lasso tool is used for drawing straight-edge segments of a selection border. This tool is very suitable to select objects such as buildings and products. It’s very useful for architectural purposes.

photoshop Magnetic Lasso tool

Magnetic Lasso Tool (L)
The magnetic Lasso tools have some settings that are very unique and you can easily adjust the options bar before selecting width. It detects an image’s edge and automatically select pixel around them. The tool defines the areas of the most contrast in an image and snaps the edge.

photoshop Magic Wand Tool

Magic Wand Tool  (W)
Magic wand tool is one kind of selection tool. It helps us to select areas of our images and also to edit them. We use it to select solid backgrounds and also color areas. Its located at the fourth option of the top and it looks like a paintbrush making a dotted line.

photoshop-Quick selection tool

Quick selection Tool (W)
There are many selections tool and quick selection is one of these. Photoshop detects and selects the edge when someone chooses an area. The Quick selection tool helps to trace Photoshops detects and also selects the edge with high contrast and well-defined edges. Its also used to quickly paint a selection area using brush tips. The tool is on the left side of the screen.

photoshop-Object selection tool

Object selection Tool (W)
There are multiple objects in an image and the Object selection tool to select an object or part of an object where numerous multiple objects exist. The tool is also on the left side in the toolbar on the left. The Object select tool is found at the select and Mask Dialogue. When you click and drag around the subject, Photoshop will use its smarter technology to cut out.

Crop and cllap tool in online photoshop

photoshop- Crop tool tool

Crop Tool (C)
The crop tool is very much important in Photoshop. It removes the portions of a photo to make a focus to strengthen the composition of an image. You can choose to retain and also to crop the boundaries. The Crop tool is on the top of the screen and you can easily make a crop selection by holding a left mouse button and dragging a rectangle across the image. Its mainly used to remove the unwanted portion of an image and also to remove borders.

photoshop-Perspective Crop tool

Perspective Crop Tool (C)
The Perspective tool is used to transform an image at the time of cropping. There are some images where there are keystone distortion and the Perspective Crop tool works very effectively in this regard.

photoshop- Slice tool

Slice Tool (C)
The slice tool helps us to divide an image into a very smaller section that may be fit like a jigsaw. It’s located on the top side of Photoshop. You have to right-click on the Crop tool to get the Slice tool. We can very easily create a slice using the Slice tool. You can also remove, resize or align a slice using the Slice Select tool.

photoshop-Slice select tool

Slice Select Tool (C)
The function of the Slice Select tool is to select, move, and resize slices. It’s very easy to move and resizes the bounding box of the selected Slice. The tool is located at the top section of the Photoshop toolbox. The main function of the tool is to divide the image into a smaller area that is fits like a jigsaw.

Measurement and retouching tool in online photoshop

photoshop Eyedropper tool

Eyedropper Tool (I)
The eyedropper tool is located on the left-hand vertical toolbar of Photoshop. You have to click the icon to activate and also left-click to get the sample under the cursor. Sometimes we can not use the tool as we make wrong in the toolset. You have to be very conscious in selecting the layer thumbnail and not the Layer mask. You have to press “I” to access the eyedropper tool.

photoshop- Ruler tool

Ruler Tool (I)
The ruler tool is very helpful to position images or elements precisely. The function of the Ruler tool is to calculate the distance between two distances of the workplace. A nonprinting line is created at the time of measuring from one point to another and the options bar and info panel show the information. You have to press the CTRL+R to get the Ruler tool on the desktop or laptop.

photoshop-Spot Healing Brush Tool

Spot Healing Brush Tool  (J)
This is a default tool of Photoshop and the function of the tool is to paint matching texture, lighting, transparency also shading to the pixel. When you use the tool, you don’t require a sample spot as it automatically makes it sample from around the retouched area. Another function is that the texture from the sample area is blended with the chosen color mad surrounds wherever you paint.

photoshop-Patch Tool

Patch Tool (J)
Patch tool is one part of the Healing Brush tool and its function is to retouch and repair your dull image. When we work in images there are various unwanted elements and the Patch tool help to remove the unwanted image elements from the images. You can easily patch the source area or the destination.

photoshop-Content Aware move tool

Content-Aware move Tool (J)
The Content-Aware Move tool helps you to upscale or downscale images to improve the composition, fit a layout, or change the orientation. The tool uses an Alpha channel at the time of scaling an image to preserve a specific area. Therefore the function of the Content-Aware move tool is to select and move a part of a picture.

photoshop-Red eye tool

Content-Aware move Tool (J)
The Red Eye tool is used to eliminate the appearance of red-eye. This tool makes the image more natural at the time of taking photos at a party at night or in a situation where there is low light.

The process of using the Red-eye tool in the following way

  • First of all, you have to open the photo and zoom in on the red eyes.
  • Now click on the image and hold the healing brush tool and select the red eye tool.
  • Finally, you have to click on the red eyes and see the image to normal.

photoshop-Brush tool

Brush tool (B)
The tool works as a real paintbrush. The tools are used to paint in freehand, add color, refine layer masks and make different kinds of changes to other images. The tool is very vital in editing images and also to become a excellent Photo editor. The tool is a very versatile and important tool among others.

photoshop-Pencil tool

Pencil Tool (B)
The pencil tool is exactly a pencil and it is limited to hard brush tips and can make shapes of any size or shape. The tool makes a line in the image and apply color in the pixel in the selected areas.
You can easily draw a free-hand line with a hard edge with the tool. There is no far difference between pencil and paintbrush and they are almost similar. The main difference is that the pencil tool never produce fuzzy edges that a paintbrush can do.

photoshop-Color Replacement tool

Color Replacement Tool (B)
The Color Replacement tool is located under the flyout menu of the Brush tool in the tool panel. You have to right-click on the brush tool to get the color replacement tool. The tool helps us to replace the original color of an image with the foreground color. All tones are exist in the Color replacement tool.

photoshop-Clone stamp tool

Clone Stamp Tool (S)
The tool paints one part of an image over another part of the same image. You have to sampling point on the area to use the Clone Stamp tool. You have to Alt-click r option-click to find and define the clone source. You have to take the cursor over the area if you want to paint the cloned pixels and can start paint.

photoshop- Eraser tool

Eraser Tool (E)
The function of the eraser tool is to change pixels to either the background or to transparent. You have to use the eraser tool in the following way. We can erase the unwanted areas of an image by using the background eraser tool in the image. You have to right-click on the standard Eraser tool to get the Eraser tool.

photoshop-Gradient tool

Gradient Tool (G)
Gradient tools are also very vital to change the color and it allows to make a gradual transition between two or more colors. You can create a photo custom mix of colors by using the tool. There is various gradient type and you can choose anyone from the Linear gradient shades.

photoshop-Paint Bucket tool

Paint Bucket Tool (G)
The function of the Paint Bucket tool is to use to fill an area with single specific color or hue. You have to bring the cursor to the area where you need to fill it and also have to click on the left mouse button to fill it with the primary color.

photoshop-Blur tool

Blur Tool
The blur effect is very important in an image and the Blur tool does the work very efficiently. The tool is located at the toolbar on the left side of the Photoshop workspace window. The tools are designed to either focus or defocus images.

photoshop-Sharpen tool

Sharpen Tool
The function of the Sharpening tool is to post product by emphasizing the edge areas with tonal in an image. The way is to get the tool of the sharpen is Filter>> Sharpen>> Smart Sharpen. The work of the tool is to enhance details without introducing noticeable Artifacts. You can also sharpen the areas selectively without using Mas.

photoshop-Smudge tool

Smudge Tool
To get the Smudge tool, you have to go to the Toolbox and tool options bar. The tool elements pick up the color of the place at which you can click. Another function of the tool is to simulate the effect you see at the time of dragging a finger through wet paint.

photoshop-Dodge tool

Dodge Tool (O)
The function of the Dodge tool is to lighten or darken areas of images. It’s mainly used to traditionally darken techniques to expose a specific area of a print. The Photographer tries to lighten an area on the print or increase the exposure to make the area dark.

photoshop-Burn tool

Burn Tool (O)
Burn tool is used for conjunction purposes. There is an opposite similarity between the dodge tool and the Burn tool as the Dodge tool lights the pixel and the Burn tool darkens. Thus the Dodge tool heightens the contrast in the black and white image and there is also a great effect of color photos. Therefore the Burn tool especially burned the color darkening all the way to black if you applied more. The tool makes a great variance of color in the image by contrasting levels of color in an image.

photoshop-Sponge tool

Sponge Tool (O)
The Sponge tool soaks up or squeezes out the color in the photoshop elements. You very easily reduce the richness of an image or intensify a color. On the other hand, the tool also can give a reverse look putting a specific area richer or vibrant color. To get the Sponge tool you have to click on the Dodge tool and you will also find more tools and click on the Sponge tool. The main function of the Sponge tool is to saturation the color of an image and it can increase or decrease contrast by moving gray levels away from or toward the middle gray.

photoshop-Pen tool

Pen Tool (P)
The function of the Pen tool is to create paths and shapes that can be duplicated and manipulated to make a complex selection, masks, and objects. The tool works like the Brush tool to draw pixels in the images. The pen tool is used in the graphics design software to create vector graphics and you have to use the mathematical point and curves. The brush tool changes the color value of pixels whereas the pen tool creates mathematical objects.

photoshop-Curvature pen

Curvature pen Tool (P)
The tool is the version of the Standard pen tool and it is the simplified version. The tool is very helpful in drawing complex shapes, paths to edit colorful handles, or remembering keyword shortcuts. There are various functions of the Curvature tool like to create toggle, edit, add or remove smooth or corner points, etc. You have to double-click to make a corner point.

photoshop-Path Selection tool

Path Selection Tool (A)
The function of the Path selection tool is to select and move paths. It’s also used to create paths. You have to select the Path selection tool from the toolbar. Click on the ALT/opt- drag your line to change them. So the tool is also important as other tools in Photoshop.

photoshop-Path Selection tool

Direct selection Tool (A)
The main function of the Direction selection tool is to select, move or modify paths or shapes. It’s is very easy to select individual anchor points in a path or shape and you can also manipulate them very easily. You have to click and hold the path selection tool to have other related tools. You have to go to the Selection option >> boost Direct selection tool.