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Photopea Online photo Editor, It is totally a web-based raster and vector graphics editor which is used to edit images and make illustrations. You can open PSD, PDF, AI, XD, ANY, RAW, and edit any image file. It’s really wonderful software to make everything in an image for free.!!!

Free Online Photoshop

Photopea is an alternative to Abode Photoshop. It is totally a web-based raster and vector graphics editor which is used to edit images and make illustrations. To edit a photo, you have to take the photo to the most powerful photo editing software whether you are a professional or amateur in editing. Photopea: Open and edit PSD, XD, sketch, pdf, XCF, RAW or any other image files from your browser for free just need an internet connection!

Introduction of Photopea

photopea editor
photopea editor

Photopea is a free online Photoshop that’s very simple and easy to work and also gives your photos a very alluring look. It’s an alternative to Abode Photoshop. Almost all features of Abode Photoshop are available in it. It’s easier than any other local photo editor.

You can very shortly and flexibly convert a dull picture into an excellent one. This online Photoshop is so easy that anyone can understand all the features and tools and can work with it very smoothly. Therefore, if you are searching for the best free online Photoshop to edit photos other than Photoshop, visit the Photopea site and use Photopea without any hesitation.

There are various advantages of this software and also there are no limitations of its use. Thinking about all the matters, you can start using (Photopea) to edit photos and enjoy your leisure time with friends and family.

Advantages of  Photopea

Photopea has almost all features of Abode Photoshop. The most important advantages are discussed below.

Need not storage on laptop or desktop: As the software is online-based, you don’t need to download and as a result, no extra storage is needed to work on it.

No need to install: You don’t need to install the software as it’s a web-based application. You also don’t need to download anything on your device. You just take a device with an internet connection and start work.

Faster: Photopea is a faster application than any other software and you don’t need more time to use it.

User-friendly: The Photopea is very user-friendly and anyone can work on it and edit photos.

Essential features of Photopea

There are various features of Photopea are essential features are discussed below

Layers: Layers are the most important features of Online Photoshop. It’s very essential for the Graphic designer and a Graphic designer can work on any particular part of an image without changing another part. So, it must need for the designer especially at the time of manipulating the image.

Levels: This is another important feature used to balance the color as well as tone range in the image. The designer uses the feature to change the intensity of shadow, midtown, and also to highlight pictures.

Adjustments: Adjustment is also a basic feature of free online Photoshop. You can efficiently create an adjustment and edit the Adjustment panel very shortly. You can on or off the Adjustment layer as per your requirement. It’s mainly used in color correction in Photoshop.

Color Channels: You can look at the particular shade with the Color channel Palette. It shows with RGB mode where you will get Red, Green, Blue and another good thing is that there will show a different color channel when you will go to a different color space. Therefore, if you are new to this software, you will make your rough picture into a stunning one and as well as make yourself skilled in photo editing.

Pros and Cons of Photopea

Pros Cons
The basic and advanced tools are available in the Photopea and they can be used with the internet connection It becomes tough to work with the PSD files and there is somewhat problems with layers. You will find various colors at the time of working with the software.
It’s better for small work like Facebook ads, banners, etc. It’s somewhat slow and as a result, it takes more time and cannot work as a graphic tabloid.
As the software is brows based, you don’t need an extra plug-in on modem browsers. There is a limitation of 3D design in the software.
Drag and support options are very helpful to upload the images and also add to the scene Due to the limitations of filters and operations, you cannot work on a big project with them.
The loading speed of the software is fast

Internet connection is a must-start work and as a result “No internet no work”.


The difference between Photopea and Abode photoshop

photopea vs photoshop
photopea vs photoshop
Photopea Abode Photoshop
Photopea is a free online version but there are paid versions of various categories. It’s only paid version and you have to pay for it.
It’s new software and that’s why it’s not known to all It’s a very well-known software
This software is not so speedy Photoshop is very speedy
The functions of Photopea are numerous and as a result, it takes more time to work. As it’s very speedy, it doesn’t waste time
Internet connection is a must to work and as a result, it becomes tough to work in a remote area. One can work anywhere and anytime as it doesn’t need an internet connection.
The 3D design of Photopea is limited There is no limitation of Abode Photoshop
This software is very compatible with new businessmen. It’s always better for all kinds of people
It’s a web-based application Abode Photoshop is an offline application
There are limitations of features to creating design All sorts of features are existing in the application
As it’s a web-based application, you need not download to use You must have to download it before using
As you don’t have to download the software, you don’t need to think about the virus and malware attack on your laptop or computer. Photoshop downloading is a must before using and as a result, there is a possibility of virus attack of laptop or computer
You don’t have to think of the storage of your computer as its internet-based software. Need extra space in the storage before downloading
Totally hassle-free as it doesn’t need to download There is somewhat hassle as it needs download before use.

How to open your Project on Photopea?

It is very much simple and easy to use Photopea. You have to follow the steps to continue your editing and finally export or save the image.

Step one: First of all, you have to take your computer or laptop and connect to the internet as the software is totally online-based. You can work from anywhere or anytime connecting the internet.

Step two: Now you have to go to a web browser and you can work on any browser and visit the site Photopea to find free photoshop. Go to the file and click on the top left corner.

Step three : Click to create a “New project” or upload the existing image file. You can also put your image directly. Now start to edit your preferred image.

Step four: The editing tools such as Layers, Adjustment, Sizes, Cropping, Moving, Erasing, are on the top and left panel. You can use all the tools as per your requirement and all the tools are like Abode Photoshop.


Step Five: After the completion of your editing, you can save it as a PSD file or export it as PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, and many more formats. That’s all to edit any of your images using Photopea for free.

Prices of Photopea:

Account Type:

  Free Premium
All features . .
No ads   .
Steps in history 30 60

GP Premium

  30 days 90 days 365 days
Single user Buy $ 9 Buy $ 10 Buy $ 40
Team of 5 Buy $ 15 Buy $ 30 Buy $ 120
Team of 20 Buy $ 50 Buy $ 100 Buy $ 400

Distributor Account

  30 days 60 days 365 days
1000 views /per month Buy $ 40 Buy $ 80 Buy $ 300
5000 views/per month Buy $ 100 Buy $ 200 Buy $ 700
20000 views/per month Buy $ 200 Buy $ 400 Buy $ 1400

FAQs :
Q. How to use Photopea on a laptop or computer?

Photopea is an internet-based application and you don’t need to download it use and you can use it from anywhere and anytime. You just need a computer or laptop with an internet connection. First, go to Photopea the website, and start with a new project. You can also name it “Project one” “project two”. You can also open from the computer a file that has already started.

Q. Is it good enough to work like Photoshop?

Photopea is not so good as Photoshop. It’s good to work on a small project. It’s not quite good for professional users.

Q. Is it good enough to work like Photoshop?

Photopea is not so good as Photoshop. It’s good to work on a small project. It’s not quite good for professional users.

Q. Is Photopea is same as Abode Photoshop?

No, Photopea is not as same as Photoshop. You can work on a small project by Online Photoshop and there are disturbances of ads at the time of using free online Photoshop.

Q. Is Photopea free?

The Photopea is an online free version but there are also paid versions of this software in different categories.

Q. What is  Photopea?

Photopea is a web-based Photoshop alternative software..

Q. Is Photopea software legal?

Yes, it is. Photopea is legal to open any kind of images file type that it supports.

Q. How does Photopea make money?

The Photopea can’t make money from the subscribers as it’s a free version but they make money from the advertisements that are played at the time of using the tools.

Q. What can Photopea not do?

You cannot save or rewrite the file as it’s a web-based application.

Q. Why is Photopea is so slow?

Photopea is slower than photoshop and to decrease slowness you can disable all browser extensions.

Q. What type of program is Photopea?

Photopea is a free internet-based application and you don’t have to pay for it. This program works as a quality photo editor.

Q. How can I learn Photopea?

This program is very simple and easy and it has almost all the features of photoshop. You only need to click to open from the computer and even an amateur can work with the software.

Q. Does Photopea work on iPad?

Yes, it does. You can very smoothly work with the latest iPad.

Q. How much does Photopea cost?

Though it’s an online free version there are also paid versions in various categories such as $5 for a single user in 30 days, $15 for the five-person team, $50 for a 20 person team for a 30 days license. It fluctuates from time to time.

Q. Is there any free version of Photoshop?

No, there is no. You must have to buy the package before using Photoshop.

Q. How can I save images or projects using Photopea?

After completion of your image editing, you have to go to File >Export as > now choose the format you want to export the image and save to your laptop. PC or any device.


Really Photopea is a wonderful free online software to work with a small project. You can visit the website Photopea and click on to the, and start working free of cost and without downloading. You can work from anywhere and anytime with an internet connection and it’s hassle-free as it doesn’t need to download. Make an excellent group of photos and enjoy with your friends and family sharing the photos.