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Ipiccy is one of the best photo editor software and the software is web-based again you can edit your photos for free. You can easily edit your picture with ipiccy. Here you can make a photo edit collage maker or graphic designer.

What is iPiccy

iPiccy is a web-based online Photo editor that works excellent without downloading. The amazing application has more than 100 tools for editing images. You can very easily and comfortably auto adjust, rotate, resize, photo enhancement, cropping, rotation, advanced photo manipulation, and many more function.

The photo will be very stunning and awesome to look at after completing the editing. You can also apply beautiful photo effects and add text as per your requirements. The application includes a variety of tools like an auto fix, rotate, resize and color adjustment, sharpen, and everything in one place and also in real-time.

Reasons why graphic designers should use iPiccy

There may be numerous reasons to use iPiccy by the graphic designers such as free of cost, highly accessible, lots of features, etc. Most graphic designers normally use premium software to work with photos but sometimes they also use free and web-based applications to test out their functionalities and analyze their capabilities.

The application is very easy to use as its a well-structured program. It also saves your time and you don’t have to need storage in your computer as it’s a web-based application. Therefore if you are trying to edit your image very quickly you can use the application as it’s ready to edit. You just need an account to sign up and signing up is also free.

You can work with it from anywhere and anytime and need only an internet connection to continue your work. The feature of the application has a lot and you can work almost like a pro application. You can work with a PC, laptop, or smartphone, or Tabloid without hesitating.

How to edit a photo in iPiccy?

There are various steps to editing an image. Editing photos may differ in different editing. There may be ten steps to complete editing.

Developing a personal style

There is no actual way to continue editing like a professional because some photographers may like vibrant and saturate colors and others may like black and white photography, some may like light and white but others may like dark and moody photos.

Choose a photo editing program

Editing photos is not an easy task because some editors choose simple tools and basic tools and others like to use advanced tools and can change everything in an image. Professional photographers like Abode Lightroom and these products are available in the subscription service. Thus there may be of module interface, Wix photo studio. You have to choose a program to continue editing.

Use filters and presets

There may be numerous photo editing and social media programs that include filters and these are also known as filters which are like photo editing recipes. This recipe makes a combination of action setting to make the image stunning and amazing.

Take advantage of automatic modes

The automatic mode works in such an easy way that the algorithm for an automatically post-proceeding image. It makes the program analyze an image and make it amended as t you like.

iPiccy Crop the scene

Cropping is one of the important tools to remove the unnecessary and unwanted portion of an image. It makes the image smaller and takes the largest portion of the frame to work very comfortably and efficiently. This is very vital and important for photographers, especially for beginners.

Straighten lines

The advanced programs help to straighten lines or adjust distortion. The transform tools of lightroom were helpful at the time of straightening lines in architectural photography.

Bring colors to life

Adjusting color is also vital in photography and some photographers like a lot of bright and vibrant colors while others may like muted colors. Therefore adjusting color in an image makes the image highly professional.

Adjust the white balance

Professional photographers always try to balance the white to determine how cool and warm the light is and warmer light has a yellow, stunning look, and cooler light results in blue tones. In most of the programs, white color balancing is done by the temperatures tool.

Remove spots and clutter

You have to pay very deep attention at the time of photo editing. In order to give a perfect look to an image, you have to remove spots or background clutter.

Add some finishing touches

There are many tools in the application and tools are used for different purposes finally, you have to add some finishing touches at the end of the editing and this is the last and final tool to save the edited photo.

iPiccy Features

  • There are various tools if Ipiccy and among them the core features are as follows
  • 800% zoom
  • Organized tools
  • Basic tools
  • Enhancements
  • Social media integration
  • Collage layouts
  • Filters


There is a restriction in using the iPiccy commercially. You can not include the elements created by services for commercial purposes and in that matter, you have to take permission from the concerned authority for commercial use.

Yes, there is a privacy policy of the application and also has a standard safeguard of the application to use.

The photo collage is a technique how all pieces of pictures are assembled into a complete photo.

You can make a collage creating a masterpiece of memories. You need to drop your image into the designer and make a template.

The combination of technique and resulting work of art is called Collage art. Here all pieces of paper, photographer, fabric, and other ephemera are arranged and sucked down into a supporting surface.

In conclusion

There are many tools for photo editing online and it depends on your needs whether you will use your online photo editing tools or not. You will need a high-quality poof program that will work with complex work and are capable of doing complex work. If your work is very simple and quick edits you can use the iPiccy application for completing the editing. Therefore iPiccy can support your daily photo editing needs.

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